Spring is coming . . . REALLY IT IS!!!

Hello all!! Another quarter in time has zoomed past us . . . and I hope today finds you each healthy and happy and enjoying life!

Life for me has been going well. The children are all doing okay and the grandchildren all seem to be growing like weeds. I slipped a bit on getting out and doing my photography, but at the same time I have been hitting the gym more frequently which seems to be doing my lower back a world of good. I have also taken a couple of photo processing classes on Lightroom, Photoshop and Topaz . . . I am still slightly iffy on the whole “layers” thing in Photoshop but I will only overcome by frequent use and practice!

So . . . lets start with this amazing place south of Charleston! It is known as the “Old Sheldon Church”, a free site to visit and a very beautiful and relaxing place as well.

Old Sheldon Church #11 B&W (1 of 1)

Again, processed through one of the various Lightroom Add Ons to give it the antique look.

Old Sheldon Church #6 (1 of 1)

And then there was time well spent downtown in Charleston at Waterfront Park. These were night shots (DUH! LOL) when I was practicing playing with light and shutter speeds.

Vendue Range Fountain #3 (1 of 1)

Here is the Pineapple at the Park done with some light painting. Believe it or not but it was pitch black. Amazing what aperture control can do!

Pineapple #1 (1 of 1)

Cats . . . BIG cats! I love them almost as much as I love raptors. Jacksonville Zoo in Florida has a great selection of cats. Leaopards, Jaguars, Tigers . . .OH MY!!! LOL

And finally . . . let me tell you about a strange place to do photography in, but still at the same time a very peaceful and beautiful place! It is the Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, SC. Considered by some to be the best “birding” spot in the city, I recently found that it has many other creatures roaming it with me. Here are two I captured recently . . . and pe will be seeing more of now that I know where to look for them!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these pics. Please leave me comments or questions as you see fit! Remember . . . daylight savings time starts at 2:00 AM on Sunday . . . and Spring is right around the corner!! Be good and be safe!   Matt




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