Picking it up again!!

Hello everyone! Well . . . I am back . . . I made a pledge to myself that I would get this restarted and here it is . . . but I have a WHOLE LOT OF CATCHING UP TO DO!!! My struggle is where to begin . . . do I go back and try to do this chronologically . . . or do I do this by genre of photography . . . or do I go by subject matter??? And I really don’t know how I will do this . . . except to simply start!! LOL

So . . . There is this amazing location in south eastern South Carolina, in Beaufort County, that every South Carolinian should visit. The place is known as the Old Sheldon Church. The church was originally built in 1745 and then was partially destroyed by the British during our country’s war for independence. It prospered and grew until the War of Northern Aggression  when it was burned to the ground by Federal forces that swept through South Carolina.

Now the site is managed by the State for everyone to enjoy. It is a very peaceful location,there are picnic benches and a water pump, the grounds are very clean and well . What is disturbing is all the names that have been carved into the brickwork of the ruins over the decades . . . why people do this I cannot begin to fathom . . . so please do not follow in their footsteps, but honor the history and memory of the people who are buried here and leave the site as you find it. It really does not need any enhancements. I hope you enjoy the pictures below. I fully intend to return and do some night photography here before the end of the year and I promise it will not take me months to get them posted here!! LOL

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