Still Catching Up!!

So . . . I had always heard of the wonders of Merritt Island, Florida . . . and the great birds that I would see there. On a whim, and since my son and daughter-in-law live in Jacksonville, we made a journey south to the Mecca of Birds . . . and it was well worth the trip!! If you don’t believe me just look at the photo of the group of birds . . . the cluster with the Rosetta Spoonbill, the Snowy Egret, the Great White Heron, the White Ibis and the Wood Stork . . . all standing amidst a flock of one hundred birds all like them. For me . . . it was almost Nirvana!!

01312016 Mach One Heron01312016 Bad Feather Day

We spent the entire day driving through miles of wetland, seeing glimpses of individual birds as they shot by (like the Little Green Heron imitating a rocket) and in clusters (like the Snowy Egret experiencing the horrible hair day!)

01312016 Rosetta Spoonbill

And I had never experienced Rosetta Spoonbills with such brilliant colors . . . only to learn that this is the mating plumage (which I had never seen because to the best of my knowledge Spoonbills do not breed in South Carolina!) Here is another picture of them.

01312016 Rosetta Spoonbill #2

I am going back soon . . . well at least as soon as the weather allows . . . and I will post more as when I return. Until then have a great day!!

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