Catch up!!!

I MUST apologize to those of you who follow me for my not being here for so very, very long!

Life has a magical way of slipping past us so incredibly fast if we do not carefully guard it each and every day . . . and mine took off at light speed!

So . . . here I am and I must decide how to get you caught up with me. I could try and take you day by day, month by month, through all the peaks and valleys of the journey, but that would be overly arduous for the all of us!

Here then is what I propose . . . I will take you through my world in sections and show you where I have been in the photos of what I have seen, explored and learned. For a place to start I have chosen a location that has quickly become one of my favorites. Its is a place that allows you the opportunity to release your angst, breath deeply and welcome the new day . . .

This place is known as “Botany Bay Wildlife Management Area”, or “Botany Bay” by the locals, and it is about an hour south from Charleston, SC, and is a few miles north of Edisto Beach. It is a bit of a drive through the Pine and Oak forest then a short walk across the wetlands to the boneyard beach. You can hear it, the Atlantic Ocean, as it hurls itself against the barrier island, crashing against the stacked sand, shells and Palmetto Palms, slowly washing away the supporting soils of the woods . . . leaving the dead and stark remnants to be washed and polished and slowly eaten by the waves.

Yet in death there is beauty . . . and one additionally fascinating thing . . . as the waves wash ashore they bring with them shells from the deeper sea . . . and when the waves are really big, and the surf is running full . . . the shells can be found deposited in the limbs of the skeleton trees like Christmas ornaments on a tree from many yule times past.

Come see Botany Bay and let me know how walking here affects your soul!

See you again in a few days!

2 thoughts on “Catch up!!!

  1. Beautiful photos. I have never visited but I heard that it is nearly impossible at night. What is the status of visitation? Congratulations on your winning photos at CNPA Members Choice!


    1. Karl . . . sorry for my tardy reply. Yes . . . it can be hard to get into Botany Bay but now with the change to Daylight Savings Time the gate opens at 6:00 AM and you can easily make it to the beach before sunrise. You cannot however say after sunset or overnight! I recommend that you always check out the SCDNR website for Botany Bay before you travel because you can never tell when there may be a special hunt or the area is closed for a controlled burn. Good luck on the sunrise photos and Thank You for the kind words on the CNPA contest . . . I was truly amazed my photos did so well and am now inspired to do better!!


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