Just the other day . . .

I took some time and grabbed the camera (and a couple frozen bottles of water because it has been hotter than Hades) then headed out to see what I could find. I had seen a flock of Black Ibis fly over work, headed towards the Ashley River, so I headed that way. It was actually a very pleasant excursion. The weather only got hot when the wind stopped, and the passing clouds would block the heat as well!

I didn’t have any luck finding the Black Ibis, but I did find a few interesting items. Surprisingly enough  . . . I again found myself drawn to the tiny flowers scattered about.

Tiny Bud 08082015 Tiny Bud #3 08082015 Tiny Bud #2 08082015Twisted 08082015

Some of them were occupied  . . .

Busy Buzzing 08082015 Butterfly #2 07152015 Butterfly #3 07282015 Butterfly 07152015Blue Dragonfly 08082015

And then there were the other birds . . .

Barred Oil 08082015 Cardinal 07282015 Egret #2 07282015 Great Blue 08082015Liite Green Heron 08082015Woodpecker 07282015

. . . although one Great Blue heron just glared at me!!

Glaring 08082015

. . . and the ever present silent follower!! LOL

Gator 08082015

All in all . . . a wonderful day to get out, stretch my legs and mind . . . and relax before the start of another LONG week!!

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