Four Months Later!!

Four Months!!  WOW . . . How time passes!!

Where do I start . . . It has been a great summer so far . . . my family is doing fine . . . Two of my daughters are pregnant and I will be welcoming Grandchild #4 and #5 by Christmas . . . one of them hold out until New Years but we will just have to wait and see! LOL

So . . . the travels have yielded some great new pics as well . . . here are a few . . .  . . . . .Mated PairA mated pair of Great Herons at Magnolia Gardens taking a break from the nest! Arctic Fox #2 Arctic Fox #3Artic fox in summer coat! Barred Owl Drinking #2 Barred Owl Drinking #5This is my favorite Barred Owl at the Donnelly Wildlife Mangement Area. I have followed him all summer. Black Swallowtail #3 Bobo and Baby #1 Brady AlanThis is my GrandSon Brady Allen!

Butterfly #1 Courtship Attire #2 Donelly Barred Owl #9 Donelly Barred Owl with Mole Cricket Donneley Painted Bunting #3 A beautiful Painted Bunting at Donnelly WMADonneley Sunflower #1 -Don't you dare shot me!- Father and Son Brady Allen and his father Brandon

Great Blue and Twins #2 Larry, Moe & CurlyThis photo is titled “Larry, Moe and Curly” and earned me my second Honorable Mention at Magnolia Gardes. Horn Blower #1 Greenish Rat Snake #1Greenish Rat Snake up a tree Macaw #1 -MOMMY!!!!- Orangutan #1 Painted Bunting #1 Preening #1 Rosetta Spoonbill Chicks Water LillyWhite #2 White Heron Chick #2 Two Drops Three DropsPlaying with the Macro again!! Prothonotary Warbler #3 The Stalk

As you can see it has been fun . . . in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. I hope you liked a few of these! More to come . . . I promise.

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