Catching up!!

Blue Siberian

It has been awhile for me to sit and write you . . . I apologize for that . . . but between winter and northern wolves, southern swamps and long walks . . . and the passing of a dear and wonderful woman, my Mother-in-Law, Elizabeth Magri, time has just slipped by!


While in Florida, saying my Goodbye to Miss Elizabeth, I went for a walk and was talking to her in my mind an heart. I asked her to help me find something new to photograph. I usually see the Red Tailed Hawks, Bald Eagles, etc. and last time it was the otters. This time however I was amazed to look up and see these two Raccoons come rolling out from behind an old grandfather Oak. Here they are . . .

Racoon #3 Racoon #5 Racoon #2

And then there was this Bald Eagle  . . . really it was a mating pair of them . . . in the woods . . . on a nest . . . and then there was this baby Bald Eagle . . . which is how nature works but I digress! . . . and five weeks went by, every day in the woods after work, until one rainy day . . . viola!!!!

harper Two Bald Eagles

Yet . . .  I think the waiting was really worth it!! Don’t you??

And then  . . .  SPRING . . . it finally came. And with it came more new and wonderful things . . .

Spring Blooms #1 04042015Wild Iris #1 0042015Spring Rose #1Spiny Flowers #1 04042015Morning IrisPink Azalea #2 04042015Grass Flowers #1 04082015Cherokee Roses #1 04042015

And then there are the birds . . . All sizes, shapes and colors . . .

Pelican #5 Tri-Color Heron White IbisMother & Son #1Mated PairLittle Green HeronLittle BirdFeeding Tri-Color HeronBlack-Crowned Night HeronBald Eagle #2 04042015

So . . . now we are all caught up . . . that is until tomorrow! Have a great day and check in again soon!

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